From Six-Packs to Cartons: Branding Opportunities

Earlier this year Intuition Ale Works decided to pursue a variety 12-pack for their local market of Jacksonville, Florida. Prior to its release, Brad Lange, the brewery’s COO said they had only ever used PakTech six-pack holders for off-premise sales.

“With artwork, design, manufacturing, and shipping, we knew the costs of producing a 12-pack carton wouldn’t be cheap,” he said. “However, we embraced the opportunity to have a new, visual representation of our brand in the marketplace.

“PakTechs serve their purpose but don’t present much of a branding opportunity.”

The new 12-pack cartons include three core beers by the nearly eight-year old brewery along with a rotating limited release.

“It works both as a sampler for folks who aren’t familiar with our brand, and also as a great package to take to a party or social gathering,” Lange said.

He added that the brewery has had a lot of fun incorporating new artwork onto the variety packs.

“Every three months the package changes, so we constantly have a new opportunity to represent our brand visually to customers,” Lange said. “It’s been a great way to tell our story. We’ve hidden a lot of subtle details in the artwork that hopefully some folks uncover later on when they are drinking a beer and looking at the packaging.”

Lange noted that they have been so happy with the 12-packs that they are considering using six-pack cartons in the future.

“There is obviously an additional cost when going that route, but there is also a branding opportunity that can’t be ignored,” he said.

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