Sibling Revelry Makes Plans for Productive 2017

Sibling Revelry Brewing is excited to announce the installation of two 90 barrel fermentation tanks at their brewing facility in Westlake, Ohio. The new expansion increases annual brewing capacity up to 6,600 barrels.

Strong demand coupled with the brand’s availability at some of Cleveland’s most prominent hospitality venues, restaurants and bars have influenced the necessity for the additional tanks. The fermenters join Sibling Revelry’s already impressive brewing system: two 30 barrel fermentation tanks, three 60 barrel fermentation tanks, one 90 barrel fermentation tank, three 3-barrel pilot fermenter tanks, one 60 barrel brite tank, one 90 barrel brite tank, and one 3 barrel pilot brite tank.

“We’re quickly expanding, and we can’t be any more excited about the new tank installations,” said Head Brewmaster Pete Velez. “It seems like we just opened. I’ve never experienced a brewery growing this quickly. This first year was about getting settled, dialing in recipes and getting our name out there. 2017 will be a year of growth – higher yielding batches, new beers, wider distribution. It’s going to be amazing, and I can’t wait for it.”


Matt Kennedy, one of the brewery’s founding family members, said that another main reason for the expansion is the in-house canning of the beer.

“Retail distribution is integral to a new brewery. Seeing the name and the product on store shelves is important not just for us as a business, but for consumers to put faith into the brewery,” Kennedy said. “We recently released our Rowan’s American Red Ale in cans and soon we will be releasing our new spring seasonal Cherry Wit in cans.”

Sibling Revelry currently offers 16 beers on tap, with approximately half of them available for distribution. The small-batch beers that are brewed on the pilot system are taproom exclusives. Sibling Revelry also operates their own canning line, opting for a Wild Goose canning machine production over outsourcing. The brewery has canned four beers: the flagship IPA, Swing State Dry-hopped Pale Ale, Rowan’s American Red Ale and a seasonal Winter Ale. There are also plans for three more new releases this year.

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