Short’s Brewing Expands with Cans

After leaving the state of Michigan for the first time with a distribution agreement for Chicago and eastern Pennsylvania, Short’s Brewing is adding two more territories and adding cans to its portfolio in April.

The rapidly growing northern Michigan brewery, which could hit a brewing capacity of over 50,000 barrels this year, will have cans available in Michigan soon after installing its first canning line.

Manufactured by Wild Goose Canning of Boulder, Colorado, the WGC-250 with semi-automatic depalletizer and twist rinser will be be able to fill 42 cans per minute at top speed. The canning machine will be installed later this month.

Four beers will be available in cans to start: “Huma Lupa Licious” (India Pale Ale), “Soft Parade” (Fruit Rye Ale), “Local’s Light” (American Lager), and “Space Rock” (American Pale Ale). “Octorock,” a semi-sweet hard cider will be released through Short’s hard cider brand, Starcut Ciders.

The company sees this addition to its lineup as a step towards reaching customers enjoying activities better suited for non-glass containers.

shorts brewing

“Cans are an excellent opportunity to get our beer into new places that glass cannot go,” said Short’s Quality Manager Tyler Glaze. “Glass bottles are great, but if you have ever been at the beach and drank out of glass, you’ve gotten a lot of dirty looks — trust me. With our canned product, you can now drink at the beach with your mind at ease.”

Short’s also recently announced that it will be distributed in both Indiana and Ohio through Cavalier Distributing along with an expanded reach through Pennsylvania by adding the Pittsburgh market with Wilson-McGinley.

Bottles of both Short’s and Starcut Ciders will be on shelves the weekend of March 19 in all three territories.

“For many years, six-packs of Short’s have migrated south with vacationing Hoosiers and Buckeyes. Cavalier Distributing is excited to bring Short’s into Ohio and Indiana and help people catch up with their fantastic beers from Michigan,” said Cavalier Founder/President George Fisher.

Short’s plans to begin distribution in Indiana and Ohio with Huma Lupa Licious, Soft Parade and Space Rock along with “Bellaire Brown,” an American Brown Ale. along with seasonal release, “ControversiALE” (American India Pale Ale). The territories will also receive three Starcut Ciders brands: Octorock, “Pulsar” (semi-dry hard cider), and “Squishy” (semi-sweet cider made with Michigan cherries). All will be available both in bottle and on draft throughout the states.


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