Shifting Designs to Accumulate Growth

The atypical craft beer bottle is a fairly basic bottleneck amber bottle. For North Coast Brewing Company in its release of its new Tart Cherry Berliner Weisse, bucking those norms was intentional.

The California brewery opted to use clear glass for the stubby bottle release instead. With the beer being a low-hopped variety, the aesthetic appeal of the rose-colored drink could showcase along with appealing label designs.

“We wanted Tart Cherry Berliner Weisse to be eye-catching, distinctive and different from anything else seen on your typical beer shelf​,” said Brewmaster, Patrick Broderick. ​”​The label is artistic and inspired by the beauty of spring and the stunning blush color of Michigan Montmorency cherries.

​”We made the decision to illustrate the beauty of Tart Cherry Berliner Weisse without hiding its stunning rose color in an amber bottle.”​

​Broderick noted that the vintage botanical illustrations​ —​ with ​a delicate and rigorous classic composition​ —​ mirror the beer’s sharp and dry palate behind the fruit.

​”​We wanted the labels for this seasonal series to convey the frisson of fragrant fruitiness and sour acidity that is a signature of the Berliner Weisse style​,” he said​. ​”​Each of the Berliner Weisse beers in our series features a similar look drawing inspiration from its key flavors and invoking a sense of the season it is released in.​”​

The seasonal series includes Passion Fruit-Peach and Cranberry-Quince​ as well​. Tart Cherry was the first Berliner Weisse North Coast Brewing released in its series.

Passion Fruit-Peach, is made with the juice of peaches from California and passion fruit from Ecuador.

​”​Those flavors give this brew the perfect combination of sweet and sour and make it a refreshing summer quencher​,” Broderick said.​

​In homage to the third release, N​CBC​ Brewmaster Chuck Martins, ​grew up with a quince tree on the edge of his family’s orchard​.​ So he was familiar with its flavor and perfume.

​”​He thought it would be complementary to the tangy flavor of cranberries so the two flavors were combined​,” Broderick said of the planned fall release of Cranberry-Quince​​ Berliner Weisse. ​”​They play well together and since both are fall harvested fruits they make for the perfect autumnal beer release.​”​

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