Sea Dog Releases Hard Craft Seltzer to Match Popular Blueberry Brew

Sea Dog Brewing Co., a Maine-based craft brewery that specializes in fruit beers is bringing that strength to a new game: Seltzer. The brewery has released small-batch hard seltzer in blueberry, dark cherry and raspberry.

In the last decade, the seltzer industry has experienced a boom. According to market research firm Euromonitor International, between 2009 and 2014 the volume of carbonated bottled water sold in the U.S. increased by 56.4%. The rise of seltzer inspired beverage brands to release their own takes on hard seltzers. While large national brands continue lead the market, Sea Dog seltzers offer a means to support local craft breweries while still being able to enjoy the bubbly summer drink.

“We New Englanders love our seltzer and we love going to the brewery,” said Fred Forsley, owner of Sea Dog. “It was natural to bring hard seltzer into our craft brewing world here at Sea Dog.”

With craft brewing scenes being prominent in Sea Dog’s home state of Maine and other hot spots around the country, those who are gluten-free can feel left out of the culture. With Sea Dog expanding into seltzers, people who are gluten-free can finally have a craft-brewed drink to order when they visit the taproom.

Sea Dog’s seltzer offerings are sugar-free, 100 calories and only have 2 grams of carbs. Six-packs of each flavor and variety packs of all three can be found in stores in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, and for curbside pickup at Sea Dog Broadway in South Portland ME., Sea Dog Bangor in Bangor ME., Sea Dog Cantina in Gulfport FL., and Sea Dog Treasure Island in Treasure Island FL.

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