Saint Arnold Enhances Sustainability with the WEIMA E.200 Drainage Press

In the bustling city of Houston, Texas, a brewing pioneer emerged, capturing the hearts of beer enthusiasts. Saint Arnold Brewing Company, renowned as Texas’ oldest craft brewery, embarked on a flavorful journey when their first beer shipment set sail on June 9, 1994. Named after Saint Arnold, the Patron Saint of Brewers, the company quickly became a beloved institution in the region.

Craftsmanship in the Heart of Houston

Nestled within their vibrant brewery campus, Saint Arnold mastered the art of beer production, from the meticulous brewing process to the precise filtering, kegging, packaging, and, of course, the delightful act of drinking their soulful creations. Their commitment to crafting full-flavored beers and their distinctive, colorful labels set them apart from the crowd. One thing is clear: brewing beer is their true passion.

A Perfect Match: Saint Arnold Brewing Company Discovers the WEIMA E.200

As the company’s popularity soared, so did the need for sustainable solutions to address the challenges posed by excess waste. During their visit to the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver, Colorado, the team from Saint Arnold discovered a game-changing ally in their quest for environmentally friendly practices: the WEIMA E.200 Drainage Press. They were grappling with an abundance of underfilled or damaged cans that were accumulating within their facility, occupying precious storage space and hindering efficient operations.

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The Versatility of the WEIMA E.200

The WEIMA E.200, a cutting-edge universal hopper with a sizable infeed capacity, proved to be the perfect fit for Saint Arnold’s needs. Despite space constraints in their brewing facility, the brewery strategically placed the free- standing WEIMA machine on-site. The damaged cans were manually loaded into the hopper, which swiftly compressed them, reducing their volume and liberating valuable space.

From Storage Woes to Space Optimization

Previously, Saint Arnold had been storing the damaged cans in bulk at their warehouse before shipping them off to a recycling facility. With the introduction of the E.200, however, they could now crush the damaged, unfilled cans right within their premises, significantly reducing the frequency of shipments to the recycler. This not only streamlined their logistics but also minimized transportation emissions, aligning with their commitment to environmental sustainability.

A Partnership Rooted in Sustainability

The partnership between Saint Arnold Brewing Company and WEIMA was forged on the shared values of sustainability and innovation. Saint Arnold’s dedication to environmental responsibility was evident in their popular “Recycle Rewards” program. By incentivizing customers to return printed cardboard six-pack carriers for reuse, they not only reduced waste but also enjoyed cost savings by repurposing these expensive carriers. As a bonus, patrons of the brewery can join in on these recycling efforts.

Striking the Balance: Economic and Environmental Benefits

The incorporation of the WEIMA E.200 seamlessly complemented Saint Arnold’s sustainability goals. By harnessing the power of this cutting-edge machine, the brewery maximized their recycling efforts while optimizing

operational efficiency. With the ability to focus on their core competency of brewing exceptional beer, Saint Arnold Brewing Company showcased that the perfect balance between economic viability and environmental stewardship could indeed be achieved.

Raising a Glass to a Greener Future

In conclusion, the collaboration between Saint Arnold Brewing Company and WEIMA was a testament to the marriage of sustainability and innovation. Through the utilization of the WEIMA E.200 Drainage Press, Saint Arnold enhanced their waste management process, efficiently compressing damaged cans and reclaiming valuable space. Their unwavering commitment to sustainable practices and responsible brewing solidified their position as industry leaders. With each crushed can, Saint Arnold Brewing Company and WEIMA toasted to a brighter, greener future, exemplifying that excellence in brewing could harmonize with environmental preservation.

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