Release Party for Sprecher Night Demon at the Walker’s Point Taproom

At 9 a.m., Sunday, April 29, Sprecher Walker’s Point Taproom will host the exclusive release party for Night Demon, an ultra-smooth, complex, and ultimately delicious bourbon barrel aged Belgian Dubbel. This is truly a unique beer, never attempted by any Milwaukee brewery in recent history.

Made with five malts, flaked oats, wheat, dark Belgian candi sugar and a hops blend; aged for eight weeks prior to resting for one year in oak bourbon barrels; Night Demon is far from your average Belgian Dubbel. It’s a big, multi-dimensional beer. Intense aromatics give way to layers of dried fruits, caramelized notes that unfold as the beer warms. Every sip leads to new flavors including cola, deep cherries, sweet berries, caramels, interlaced oaky and bourbon notes. This is a big beer in that it is rich with aromatics and flavor, best enjoyed as one would a cognac.

“Night Demon is a limited, single batch release. We packaged this beer in one liter flip top bottles because it is special, like a wine you want to share with friends. Our brewmaster, Craig Burge, recommends cellaring this beer for a number of years. This is a great beer for a vertical. Designed to age well, it will reveal new layers, new flavors over time. Bottles of Night Demon are not available at the brewery, only at the taproom release party,” said Sprecher communications director Anne Sprecher.

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