Quantifying The Effects of a Beer Event

Having a tap takeover or other kind of beer event can be fun, it can get your brewery’s name out and it may help generate business for the event holder and your brewery. But how can you consider it successful? That can be a tricky question.

Success can be measured many ways. A bottom line is a nice way to tell, but sometimes that doesn’t mean an event flopped because sales didn’t increase either.

Sometimes an event can help educate consumers on a product, other times it may just be a great way to receive input on what consumers want to say.

Melvin Brewing is the only true beer bar in Jackson, Wyoming, said brewery co-founder Jeremy Tofte, so the facility will usually get the launch parties of when a new brewery comes to the state.

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“We have 20 taps, but we pull all of our beers off when we do tap takeovers for other breweries,” Tofte said. “We want to force our customers to try something new. They will still live if they cannot get a 2×4 (Double IPA) for a couple hours.

“After 10 p.m., we drop any beers left to $3 and put our beer back on tap.”If an account wants to drive sales to a Tuesday, they can orchestrate it, said Jackie O’s Art Oestrike.

“Others want a big blowout weekend, but they can start on a Thursday and let the beer go until it runs out,” he said. “There are those random Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays where things can be slower for an on-premise account, so sometimes they can use something like this to drive sales during the week for things like this.

“But I can’t force feed anything to them on certain days.”

Oestrike said the brewery will promote the event on social media like crazy.

“The distributor and us are both allowed to do certain things,” he said.

You have to be careful with the language you use, he noted when negotiating such events.

“You can’t give someone a car for a tap takeover, you can’t give retailers things for doing it,” he said. “You can support it and be able to promote the draft list via social media, which is the best way to promote those things anyway.”

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