Point Milkshake Malt Porter Fills a Sweet Spot

How sweet it is when you taste new Point Milkshake Malt Porter for the first time!

Dark, creamy and chocolatey with a sweet finish, Milkshake Malt Porter is a perfect example of an American robust porter. It now occupies a sweet spot in Point’s portfolio that was vacant until now, according to Julie Birrenkott, Point Marketing Manager.

“Porter is a classic beer style. We saw a great opportunity to showcase our brewing expertise and please Point’s loyal fans,” Birrenkott said. “Milkshake Malt Porter is a welcome addition to the Point portfolio, and we think porter fans will agree.”

The newest year-round brew from one of America’s oldest breweries is making its retail debut during April wherever Point beers are sold. Milkshake Malt Porter’s packages, featuring retro artwork reminiscent of a 1950s malt shop, include 6-packs of 12-ounce longneck bottles, and 6-packs and 12-packs of 12-ounce cans. Milkshake Malt Porter is also available on draft.

“Some beers never go out of style, and we expect Milkshake Malt Porter will be one of them. It’s very dark and very drinkable,” Birrenkott said.

With a moderate 5.5% ABV, Milkshake Malt Porter is a sessionable porter, a dark, sweet and malty companion for Point SPA Session Pale Ale.

Point’s team of brewers, led by Brewmaster Gabe Hopkins, brew Milkshake Malt Porter with chocolate malt, dark Munich malt and some wheat malt, too. These are all balanced with Topaz hops from Australia, widely used in ales, and Tettnang hops from Germany, a frequent ingredient in German-style dark lagers. A healthy dose of brewers’ lactose and some cocoa is added to enhance the brew’s sweetness and body. The result is a malt-forward beer with a distinctly malty mouthfeel and sweet finish.

“Milkshake Malt Porter is very dark and offers plenty of residual sweetness with a hint of cocoa flavor,” Hopkins said. “Its caramel-like sweetness balances the roasted chocolate flavor derived from the chocolate malt. If you like porters, you should definitely give Milkshake Malt Porter a try.”

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