Proximity Malt, Ska Brewing Collaborate on Green Silo Saison

Last month Ska Brewing and Proximity Malt collaborated on a Dark Rye Saison, Green Silo Saison, to recognize their partnership. Named for Ska Brewing’s new green silo filled with Proximity Malt, this beer became available in limited 12-ounce canned 6-packs on January 11.

Ska Brewing supports Proximity Malt’s commitment to shorten supply chains by providing local, sustainable, and consistently malted barley, so much so that they added a large green silo outside their tasting room to hold more Proximity Malt.

The Green Silo Saison was created by a conference call between the great minds of Ska Brewing, Proximity Malt, and Steve Dresler— a retired brewmaster from Sierra Nevada. Dave Kuske, Proximity Malt’s VP of Operations, described the recipe development process: “We wanted to think outside the box and showcase the spicy notes and characteristics of our chocolate rye with a brown Saison.“

Green Silo Saison finishes with all of the traits you’d expect from a Saison, with the delicate notes of silky chocolate, banana, and dark cherries. The spiciness on the nose has notes of subtle black pepper, allspice, clove and nutmeg— all from the use of malt, not additional spices.

“Proximity takes great pride in working as the intermediary between the brewers and the growers. We are excited to support their commitment to the region by working together and purchasing malt grown right here in our home state,” explained Ska Brewing’s CEO Dave Thibodeau. Ska utilizes Proximity’s base and specialty malts in many of its recipes.

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