Point Drop Dead Blonde Drops Calories

The Stevens Point Brewery rolls out a revamped version of its popular year-round ale. Point Drop Dead Blonde is now 99 calories, has a fresh, new look, and it gave the Point brewing team a real challenge — it needs to taste the same. 

“When we made the decision to go low calorie, we knew a lot of test brews would be in order” explains Point Brewmaster Mike Schraufnagel. “We needed to make Drop Dead Blonde lighter, make it taste the same, and keep it a craft beer. It took a lot of doing, but we’ve now made Drop Dead Blonde the best low-calorie beer it can be.”

Asked about the change, Point Marketing Director Julie Birrenkott reveals, “The popularity of light beers under 100 calories can’t be denied. We were already close with Drop Dead Blonde at 110 calories before. It was our lightest beer, and a craft beer through and through. Now at 99 calories, we want to be the craft offering in the low-calorie arena in Wisconsin and beyond.” 

To maintain the craft quality and flavor profile, Schraufnagel continues, “We use all the same ingredients as before: Sterling hops, 2-row malt, honey, and wonderful Stevens Point water. The ratios are a little different, and we developed a new way to make our yeast more efficient at turning sugars into beer.”

Celebrated for its clean flavor, grainy aroma, and satisfying finish, any change to Drop Dead Blonde needed to be clearly communicated.

“Since it’s even more refreshing now, we thought the packaging deserved a refresh. The modern design focuses on lightness, clean lines, and ingredients by suggesting waving grains … or a sweep of blonde hair.”

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