Pinthouse Collaborative Charity Can Release to Celebrate Juneteenth

The Pinthouse Brewing team will be releasing its Starlit Rosé Lager (5.2% ABV), in collaboration with artist Alannah Tiller, at 11 a.m., on Saturday, June 19. A portion of the proceeds of Starlit, brewed in remembrance of Juneteenth, will be donated to the African American Youth Harvest Foundation.

“It’s a cool project to be a part of. Most of my efforts here go towards making quality, tasty beverages. That’s lovely and all, but anytime a brew can assist in positive impact to our community it is so much better,” said Head Brewer of Pinthouse Brewing, Kirkland Wheeler.

Starlit features a dry lager base of German Pilsner and pale wheat malts layered with traditional Tettnang and new school Loral hops. This beer is laden with strawberry, raspberry, black currant, guava and cold steeped with hibiscus for a vibrant pink hue. Inspired by the refreshment and conviviality of a cold light bodied wine on a warm June afternoon.

“Stars were used as pathways to freedom. To me they give a sense of hope, promise, and freedom. When the name came about, it seemed fitting for this beverage. A red beverage seemed fitting to celebrate Juneteenth. I also happen to enjoy crisp, fruited drinks, especially in the summertime,” said Wheeler.
Pinthouse teamed up with Central Texas artist Alannah Tiller, also known as Alilscribble, for the creation of the can art for this project.
“Because this collaboration is coming out during a Texas summer, I used that as my influence. I wanted the work to be really fun and vibrant, so I went with a minimal line drawing layered atop a color palette that was chosen to reflect those feel-good summer tones,” said Tiller.
4-packs of Starlit, featuring Tiller’s artwork, will be releasing on site at the newly opened Pinthouse Brewing, exclusively. During the can release event, Tiller will have limited edition prints, featuring artwork that match the cans available for sale. Both Pinthouse and Tiller elected the African American Youth Harvest Foundation as the benefiting local charity of Starlit sales.
The AAYHF moves to provide hands-on service through school and community-based programs, to enhance the quality of life for African American and low-income youth and families. Through its programs, nearly 9,000 youth and adults have received services at the flagship African American Youth Resource Center.
“I’ve been itching to design a beer can as of recently, so when they reached out, I couldn’t have said, “yes,” any quicker. But with this collaboration also comes a charitable component. To be able to find a way to give back to the African American Youth Harvest Foundation means the world to me. There has never been a better reason to drink a beer,” exclaimed Tiller.
To learn more about the Starlit Rosé Lager release, visit the Starlit can release event page.

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