Pike Brewing: New Team, New Liquid, New Look

Exciting times for Pike Brewing, Seattle’s longest standing, independently operated craft brewery, as they introduce a refreshed brand, a celebrated head brewer, and three new beers.

Established in 1989 by visionaries Charles and Rose Ann Finkel, Pike Brewing is Seattle’s beloved iconic brewery. Over the last 33 years Pike Brewing has produced a slew of award-winning beers, championed the local craft beer movement, created a destination that honors the history of beer, and established a loyal following.

Pike takes so much pride in what we’ve accomplished over the years,” said Charles Finkel, founder/owner of Pike Brewing. 

“But the art of craft brewing is constantly changing, and we cannot rest on your laurels,” said Drew Gillespie, president of Pike Brewing. “We’ve added two amazing women to the team, and we are absolutely thrilled. It’s exciting to be learning, tweaking old recipes, and making new beers.”

“We’re all excited for this next chapter,” adds Finkel.

Head Brewer, Leslie Shore, spent six and a half years as lead brewer at Reuben’s Brews before joining the Pike team in June. Barbara Beaver hails from Georgetown Brewing and has taking on the role of Brewery & Quality Assurance Manager at Pike Brewing.

Shore and Beaver have been working tirelessly with the production crew, updating processes and procedures, reworking recipes, crafting new beers, and creating a pilot brew program.

“Knowing where Pike is headed is extremely exciting and energizing,” said Leslie Shore, head brewer of Pike Brewing.  “The history of the brewery is legendary and iconic, and it’s certainly invigorating to be united with our entire crew on this trajectory.”

“We have a great production team that are not only dedicated to the course that we’re on, but also eager to adopt updated processes and procedures to drive us there,” adds Barbara Beaver, brewery & quality assurence manager of Pike Brewing. 

“Integrating these structural changes in quality, safety, and inclusion in a relatively short time frame can be daunting,” said Shore. “This crew has showcased the desire to immediately adopt and absorb these improvements and that excitement genuinely keeps me motivated to help drive Pike towards the future.”

Pike Brewing is thrilled to introduce three new beers to the lineup:

·      Waterfront IPA is bright and clean with notes of citrus

·      Uptown Hazy IPA is pillowy, smooth, and tropical

·      Post Alley Pils is a clean and crisp pilsner

Rounding out the Pike Core Series are the Space Needle West Coast IPA, Pike Place Pale Ale, and Cosmic Pulp Juicy IPA with updated recipes, as well as fan favorites Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale, Monk’s Uncle Tripel Ale, and 5x Stout.

Pike’s seasonal lineup will return in October where fans can look forward to a new seasonal beer each quarter. The Third Story series, a limited release program focused on innovation, will also return in the fall. The pilot program will allow the brewery crew to test recipes and new concepts on a very small scale, and guests of Pike Pub the opportunity to try the beers.

“An exciting aspect of our newer beers is showcasing our team’s commitment to enhancing the legacy of this brewery with innovative spirit,” said Shore. “Each of us has a unique relationship with beer in general, as well as with Pike – and that ability to come together, provide input on ingredients, apply modern takes on historic styles, and produce quality liquid has crystalized our production crew and that has me personally invigorated. This is absolutely evident in the beer itself. Embracing current styles, we’ve introduced a brighter and fresher palate to our existing lineup that illustrate a modernized yet still approachable Pike.”

Blindtiger designed the new look of Pike Brewing. The packaging and branding embrace the brand’s iconic history while showcasing a clean new look that speaks to the full-scale updates and innovation across the brewery. Check out the new look here: https://www.pikebrewingseattle.com/beer/.

“Pike is such a monumental brand in this region,” saidOceania Eagan, founder + creative director of Blindtiger Design. “For countless consumers (myself included), it was our introduction to craft beer. And for so many breweries, they paved the way decades ago. Going into the project we were well aware of how such a long history can work against a brewery with the modern beer drinker but have been endlessly impressed by their eagerness to improve and adapt their brand, and their beers. We’re excited for the beer community to experience the new Pike roll out into the world and share their innovations. It’s been a whole lot of fun to be a part of this next chapter and help Pike reestablish themselves as ‘Seattle’s beer.’”

Founded in 1989 by Charles and Rose Ann Finkel, Pike Brewing is the longest running, independently operated craft brewery in Washington State. Located adjacent to Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market, Pike Brewing features a sustainably focused gravity-flow steam-powered brewhouse producing bold, diverse, and dynamic craft beers. In addition to the urban brewery, the three-level space boasts two restaurants and a Microbrewery Museum, making Pike Brewing a destination for both locals and visitors alike. Pike Brewing is renowned for a wide range of award-winning beers, top-notch hospitality, and a philanthropic commitment to the community. Look for Pike Brewing in restaurants, hotels, and grocery stores throughout Washington, as well as select grocery stores in Alaska and Idaho. To learn more, visit pikebrewingseattle.com.

Pike Brewing is located at 1415 First Avenue in Seattle, Washington.

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