Perrin Releases Storming The Gates New England Style IPA

Perrin Brewing Company bursts into their 7th Anniversary Celebration with a special new beer, Storming The Gates Area 51 Experimental New England style IPA. NEIPA lovers are encouraged to prepare a seige on the Perrin Pub for the release of Storming The Gates on draft and in 4-packs of 16 oz cans on September 12. The Pub release will be followed by distribution throughout the state of Michigan.

Perrin worked with HOPSTEINER to make Storming The Gates, a generously hopped brew sure to breach any beer lover’s (human or otherwise) tastebud defenses at 50+ IBUs and 7% ABV.

Perrin’s General Manager and Director of Brewing Operations, John Stewart, said, “We’re excited to introduce our new Storming the Gates Area 51 Experimental NEIPA. Just like the public wanted to raid the labs at Area 51, we partnered with HOPSTEINER to raid their experimental and exciting hop products and got our hands on Lemondrop™ Lupulin pellets and the newly named Sultana™ hops.”

The hop combination inspired the brewers at Perrin to craft a hazy beer awash with fresh pineapple, juicy citrus and lemon notes. Perrin is excited and honored to be among the first breweries to probe the use of Sultana™ hops.

Perrin creates imaginative, Michigan-inspired flavors while honoring traditional craft brewing techniques, keeping liquid craftmanship at the heart of Storming The Gates and all Perrin beers.

You don’t need a battering ram to try Storming The Gates – just stop by the Perrin Pub on September 12 and order a pint, or pick it up at a Michigan craft beer seller near you.

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