Park City Announces Five New Beers With a New Face and Taste

Park City Brewing ( announced today that it is entering the Utah market with new ownership, beer, and branding. Park City Brewing offers five core beers and anticipates opening its first brewery and taproom in December 2021, located in Park City, Utah.

Park City Brewing promises timely and dependable distribution along with an experienced team of industry veterans. Head Brewer, Mike Perine has 15 years’ experience developing craft beer with a deep knowledge and passion of making delicious beer. Park City Brewing beers are inspired by unique flavors and seasonality and capture the sentiment of the Park City community by providing quality engineered beer with seasonal and limited-edition batches coming near the end of 2021.

Available today, Park City Brewing beers include Siren’s Call American Lager, Powder Buoy Pilsner, Sneaker Tree IPA, Silver Creekwater Amber Lager, and Gold Town Pale Ale. Each beer boasts consistent, fresh, and balanced flavors, with a story of its namesake and inspiration. Park City Brewing beers can be purchased at multiple Park City locations including, but not limited to O.P Rockwell, Grappa, and Downstairs, as well as Whiskey Street and Piper Down Pub, located in Downtown Salt Lake City.

“Our goal is to create quality beer for locals, by the locals,” said Jeff Tito, President and Director of Operations of Park City Brewing. “Involving the community in the development of our core and new beers allows us to celebrate our hometown and share the Park City experience with tourists through our beers and the stories they tell. We are constantly experimenting and pushing to deliver the best version of each beer and are looking forward to distributing new beers to the Utah market today and through our forthcoming brewery and taproom.”

Park City is one of the most popular tourist and traveler destinations in the United States and is well-known for its food and drink scene. The Park City Brewing team are locals who live, work, ski (and drink) tucked back in this corner of heaven in the Wasatch Mountains. The team is passionate about making beer that represents the Park City culture and history. By using local resources, businesses, farms, and the Park City community, Park City Brewing has found a unique way to deliver and develop new beers. Each month at the Park City Brewing Taproom and Brewery, the team plans to release a single batch of unique seasonal beer and allow locals to taste and provide feedback on the spot. In addition to the Park City location opening in December 2021, the company plans to open a second location in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2022.

Photo: Park City Brewing

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