Why Online ‘Humble Brags’ Are More Important Now Than Ever

Sometimes being humble matters.

Right now, not so much when it come to online posts explained Paul Leone.

“It is important to give regular updates, make sure people know what you’re doing, your new beers that are coming out, how you’re conducting a safe operation,” said the Executive Director of the New York State Brewers Association in a recent online event called “Sell More Beer,” put on by Zephyr Conferences. Leone said the time for “humble brags” are now.

Breweries now live in a business climate where if a consumer doesn’t hear or see a online post from a business that they follow for a couple of days, they have every reason to believe you might have closed.

Leone added that it’s important to showcase staff and show that your brewery is still a leader in the community in terms of employment and doing the right thing.

Being positive online is so important, added Rushing Duck co-owner Nikki Cavanaugh. But she said that also goes when you or staff is behind the bar.

“People are like, ‘Oh, man, this is awful for you.’ And you have to be like, ‘Yeah, but we’re gonna get through it,’ ” she said. “We hashtag all the time #wearegettingthroughthis. It’s so important that you empathize with your customers knowing that they’re also stuck at home and they have other things going on and that you’re happy, but you realize the situation.”

That means don’t just post about can releases. Understand that people need reassurance from you as a community leader.

​”​This is not a time to feel bad about humble bragging,” Leone added. “Pump yourself up as much as you need to. Be overly positive all the time, I think people are going to social media as they always do for an escape. They don’t want to see negativity, they don’t want to see that you’re angry with what your governor is doing or angry about the situation that we’re all in because everybody’s in the same situation.

“Be positive, and kind of present that energy out into the world. And I think it’ll come back and pay dividends.”

Targeting & Communicating to New Consumers Online

In talking about interesting online communication, one of the ways that Rusty Nickel has tried to target a new audience was to implement a platform like Beer Menus, explained co-owner Jason Havens.

“It actually streamlines a lot of our communication to our potential customers, so that they are informed whenever we do have a new release, or an updated beer menu or anything that they want to do,” he said. “This actually allows us to now notify our customers of upcoming beers that they can get excited about. And that actually is another one of those positive vibes that we never really thought was going to be such an important aspect of the business.

“We understand that releases are critical to any beer company. But we didn’t realize how valuable it really became until after we implemented it.”

Havens said it streamlined many processes on their end, saving them a lot of time and money. One time-saver was it will auto post to a lot of social networks and it immediately notifies anybody who’s following the brewery of that update

“I know it’s been going on for many years with Untappd and things like that,” Havens said. “But there are other resources out there that are doing it now.”

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