Offshoot Announces Its First Pale Ale Just In Time For Summer

The temps are warming up and it’s time to find the closest body of water and chill with a good beer, and Offshoot Beer Co. has you covered with its newest seasonal release: Drifting Pale Ale. Clear your mind with this crisp, classic pale ale that celebrates floral, tropical, and citrus hop notes. Like all of the deliciously laid-back beers that Offshoot makes, Drifting Pale Ale is an ode to classic, drinkable hoppy beers.

Drifting is everything you want out of a pale ale: it’s loaded with hop character and drinks crisp, clean, and at 5.5% ABV: sessionable. Loaded up with the big three— Amarillo, Simcoe, and Citra, Drifting is a clear, amber-hued beer that you’ll be reaching for all summer.

Work on this beer began last year, as a terroir project with Virgil Gamache Farms that really dug into the intricacies of Amarillo hops. “We brewed 5 different pale ales with Amarillo hops from all over the world, pinpointing Washington as the area that gave us the best expression of the floral, tropical, and citrus notes we were looking to highlight in this mellow summer sipper” says V.P. of Operations, Darren Moser. “We are incredibly lucky to work with such talented suppliers”.

One thing about this new release that will look a bit different to Offshoot fans is the can itself! “For our seasonal releases and small-batch offerings, we work with local artists across California to create a unique design that truly speaks to the beer itself” says Brand Director, Caitie Gold. “The inspiration for this design was the feeling of drifting down a mountain stream, once you see it you’ll want to jump right into the scene”!

Offshoot Beer Co. is exactly that, an offshoot of The Bruery that focuses on hop-forward beers for fans craving fresh, fun styles that make it easy to Relax. Their latest addition joins four other beers in national distribution, including Relax (It’s Just a Hazy IPA), Retreat (This is a Double Hazy IPA), Unwind (You’ve Earned This Hoppy Pils), and Escape (It’s Your Everyday West Coast IPA).

Drifting will be available in 16oz 4-packs across Offshoot’s distribution footprint this summer as a seasonal release. For more information about where you can find these SoCal hoppy beers near you, head to

Offshoot Beer Co. is also proud to offer:

  • Online ordering and delivery in CA, NV, PA, NH, and D.C.
  • To go sales from their three locations in Placentia, CA, Anaheim, CA, and Washington D.C.

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