Bay City Brewing Releases First Pilsner to Push Flavor Boundaries of Classic Pale Lager

As a local brewery in the craft beer capital of the world, Bay City Brewing Co. announced the latest innovation in its lineup of ales — the release of its first-ever Pilsner. Bay City co-owner and arthritis specialist Ben Dubois chose to showcase the new Pilsner at the brewery’s fundraiser for the Arthritis Foundation last week.

“I’ve volunteered with the Arthritis Foundation for many years,” says Dubois. “It’s ultimately fulfilling to find ways to blend my career as an orthopedic surgeon and passion for local craft beer. They don’t happen often, but when they do, we cherish the opportunities to support such a personal cause.”

According to Head Brewer Chris West, bohemian-style Pilsners inspired the brewery’s rendition – original Pilsners brewed in an area formerly known as Bohemia in the present-day Czech Republic. West used a combination of an under-modified specialty Pilsner malt with Centennial hops to create a floral, hoppy balance to the beer. At 5.4-percent alcohol by volume, this traditional straw-colored lager has a crisp, fresh taste.

“Science in the 21st century allows brewers to play with and heavily modify malts to create distinctly new flavors,” says West. “We wanted our Pilsner to reflect its origin, so we used malt that wasn’t altered very much and added our own Bay City spin – producing a traditional taste that’s light but doesn’t taste like carbonated water.”

Now available at its Point Loma tasting room, Bay City Brewing Co.’s newest beer has a full-bodied and malty sweetness, referred to as a single-malt lager that’s refreshing and easy to drink. With its one-of-a-kind Pilsner, Bay City now has 18 custom crafts on tap. Each one of its beers offers an original taste ranging from stouts and traditional lagers to barrel-aged beer and hoppy IPAs.

Known informally as the “I-saw-you-from-the-freeway” brewery, Bay City Brewing Co. has found its home off Hancock Street in an industrial nook of Point Loma where everyone is welcome, including kids and dogs. The young brewery invites all to its indoor-outdoor tasting room to try its inventive creations Monday through Sunday.

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