Odell Releases Year-Round, Sippin’ Pretty-Fruited Sour

Odell Brewing’s latest year round release, Sippin’ Pretty, is a ruby red, 4.5% ABV Fruited Sour brewed with a unique blend of super fruits and balanced with a touch of pink sea salt.

Sippin’ Pretty gets it’s bright color and fruit flavors from Brazilian guava and acai, mountain-grown elderberries, and pink sea salt from the Himalayas. The bright fruit flavors are complimented by a refreshing tartness and a lower ABV which creates a unique profile unlike anything else in Odell’s portfolio.

“While we’ve always enjoyed brewing barrel-aged wild sours, we saw an opportunity brew something more thirst-quenching and sessionable with complex and interesting fruits,” explains Head Brewer Bill Beymer.

Odell has spent the Summer tinkering with several fruited kettle-sours on their pilot systems in both Fort Collins and the new RiNo Brewhouse in Denver.

“Sippin’ Pretty takes a lot inspiration from pilot brews like Guava Gose, which wasn’t just a top seller, it was number our number one seller,” explains Brent Cordle, RiNo Brewhouse Head Brewer. “It was clear to us that people are craving a more sessionable, lightly tart ale.”

Sippin’ Pretty presented a unique opportunity for Odell to explore flavor profiles that expand beyond the realm of traditional craft beer styles.

“We believe beer is the most versatile beverage on the planet. From the big barrel-aged stouts, to hoppy IPAs, to crisp, refreshing lagers, beer can adapt to a variety of palates,” explains Beymer. “Sippin’ Pretty is our testament to all the unique things beer can be.”

Sippin’ Pretty’s striking label art features a ruby-throated hummingbird in a lush scene of vibrant flowers and foliage. At first glance, the scene may look like a tropical jungle but the flora actually represents alpine wildflowers native to Colorado, such as the Columbine, Scarlet Gilia and Goldenrod.

“We knew we wanted to create label art that captured the beauty of the liquid inside,” explains Director of Marketing, Alex Kayne. “When we learned hummingbirds migrate over 3,000 miles south of the Western US, we found the connecting thread between our home state of Colorado and the tropical climate that inspired the flavors of the beer.”

Sippin’ Pretty will be priced inline with core brands, available on draft and in 6-packs cans. The beer will debut in Larimer County on November 19th and be available throughout the rest of Odell’s 18-state footprint by early December.

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