Novo Brazil Sets Sail Towards Imperial Beach

Novo Brazil Brewing Company is thrilled to announce the opening of their newest location docked in the heart of Imperial Beach. While the Imperial Beach location is still a work-in-progress, it will feature the same delicious food and beers found at Novo Brazil’s Otay brewpub and will be complete with a huge outdoor patio facing the beautiful bay.

When asked why the location was an ideal fit for the company, Novo Brazil Director of Operations Hugo Thomaz says, “It’s a good business opportunity and a great location with a patio and a view of the bay in the only South Bay community we aren’t already present in. Additionally, there is a lack of restaurants and breweries in the area.”

The addition of Novo Brazil’s project will make for a beer landscape that has been long overdue in this city. It took time, but the concept of local, community-centric craft beer has been proven in San Diego County’s southernmost regions, and companies like Novo Brazil that saw potential when others did not, are better off for it.

“We realized that breweries don’t want to be in the South Bay, but we have always believed in the area,” says Thomaz. “The area has expanded a lot in the past years and there are definitely a lot of opportunities here.”

The floor plan is still being finalized, but if there is sufficient space, management will explore the option of having a brewhouse and cellar on-site. Last year, Novo Brazil produced 10,700 barrels of beer, and its goal for 2022 is up its barrelage to up that figure by 30%.

Be sure to check out Novo Brazil Brewing Company’s newest location in Fall 2022 at 535 Florence Street in Imperial Beach.

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