Beer Connects Communities and So Too Will BEER! A Love Story Feature Documentary

HerzMuses Enterprises presents the global digital premiere of BEER! A Love Story, a Blue + Green Communication and Storyhouse production. This independently funded, 4K full-length feature documentary debuts today through an exclusive partnership with Untappd through February 28.

BEER! A Love Story was produced by Director Friedrich Moser and Maarten Schmidt. Moser, who directed the Oliver Stone-backed A Good American among many other documentary films, now brings his filmmaking prowess to featuring craft beer. This film weaves together the stories of 30 international protagonists across multiple countries who speak the universal language of beer, the world’s most consumed fermented beverage.

“We wanted this film to bridge the gap between Europe and America, and to show the panorama of beer styles now replicated across the globe,” Moser says. “For any foodie, movie buff, and beer or beverage fan this is a must-watch film.”

In BEER! A Love Story, Moser profiles a cast of U.S.-based craft beer personalities including Peter Bouckaert, Steve Hindy, Julia Herz, Greg Engert, European namesakes such as Rodenbach, Orval and Stiegl, and small, breakout brewers like Bierol in Austria and Cloudwater in Manchester, UK.

From January 21 through February 28, Untappd users can exclusively rent and download the film. “We are thrilled to play a part in bringing this film to our global community of beer lovers,” said Trace Smith, CEO of Next Glass, parent company of Untappd. “Untappd has always been about beer bringing people together, and that theme is at the heart of this film.”

Watch the movie trailer and find everything about BEER! A Love Story, including future screening events in February and beyond at

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