New Year, New Roles at Free State Brewing

With the New Year, Free State Brewing, which is nearing 28 years in business, will have several people taking new roles in the organization.

A member of our founding team, Steve Bradt, has accepted an offer to join the Micro Matic corporation in a national role. They are an international company supplying products to the beverage industry around the world, with nearly 1,000 employees on staff. Steve will be representing the company in the eastern half of North America.

“While this isn’t a change I want, and Steve has contributed mightily to our business since the start, I fully recognize change is inevitable, and must be valued,” said Free State Proprietor Chuck Magerl in an open letter to the public. “Steve and I have shared incredible joys, frustrations, and the occasional brewhouse disaster in the years we’ve worked together, and I’ll always value his steadfast, fearless approach to challenges, whatever the magnitude. Steve’s contribution to our company, our community, and the development of the brewer’s craft regionally and nationally cannot be underestimated. With his quiet dignity and dedication to continuous learning, I can’t imagine what Free State would have meant without Steve.”

Geoff Deman, whose talents have brought many innovative beers to the menu at the Lawrence, Kansas-based pub, will have an enhanced role, handling the innovation and quality assurance.

Brad Scott, who has been at the helm of the veteran brewery’s packaging operations, will play a larger role in the daily task of keeping Free State beer on the shelves around the region.

Jeff Jensen will be joining Free State in an administrative and sales role. Jenson operated the Jensen Liquor store in Lawrence for over 20 years.

“As a dedicated beer enthusiast, Jeff was also a founding member of the Lawrence Brewers Guild, and continues as an influential part of the organization,” said Magerl.

Cristina Brown, a recent KU MBA graduate is a new member of the team, focusing on developments in areas as diverse as supply chain management and human resources.

“Cristina’s eye for detail and agility in bringing emerging practices to our organization is wonderfully appreciated,” Magerl added.

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