Uhl’s Brewing to Cease All Operations; Announces Closing Celebration

Uhl’s Brewing Company today announced it will cease all production, distribution, and taproom operations on Sunday, August 6 of this year. 

Uhl Brewing was founded in 2020 by Head Brewer Aaron Uhl, who set out with the simple idea of brewing the best beers — and providing the best customer experience that its team could offer. Over the years, the decorated brewery became well known for its unique craft beers, of which they brewed over 200, and for fostering a culture that bucked tradition.

“It weighs heavy on all of us here at Uhl’s because we love the people we work with, the amazing environment we have created, the beers, and our customers. We have kicked and clawed our way out of so many difficult situations these last three and a half years, which is why it’s hard to accept that the problem presented to our little brewery simply can not be fixed,” said Aaron Uhl, Founder and Head Brewer. 

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Uhl’s Brewing Company is not alone, as several breweries across Colorado and the nation have been forced to cease their operations in the wake of external constraints. 

The craft brewery will close its doors to the public at 7 p.m. on August 6, 2023. To commemorate its history and to celebrate its loyal customers, Uhl’s Brewing Co. will host a closing event on Saturday, August 5. Long-time patrons and craft beer lovers will have the chance to enjoy the taproom space, special craft beers, and the Uhl’s Brewing team one final time. The craft brewery will also make an appearance at several local events leading up to their official closing. 

“We look forward to connecting with all of our customers who love Uhl’s Brewing Company. Much love and many thanks to those who have supported us through our journey,” Uhl said. 

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