New Realm Introduces First Mixed 12 Pack

Variety is the spice of life, or so they say. Well, New Realm knows a little something about variety, having brewed over 180 unique beers in their first two years alone. Having brewed around the block a few times, they’ve now cooked up something special – a rotating collection of beers in one variety 12 pack. First up is the IPA edition, in which you can quench your hop thirst in four different ways. From New England-style hazy to sour and from roasty black to tropical, this first release has something for every IPA fan and it might just make some new fans too.

In this Variety Pack, you’ll find fan favorites such as Hazy Like A Fox IPA, a New England-style hazy brew brimming with fruity notes and Hoptropolis IPA, an American IPA that bursts with tropical flavors. Next to those is the latest release in New Realm’s Sour Series, Straight from the Tart Sour IPA, which is the perfect pairing for both IPA and sour beer fans alike as it’s got loads of white wine, peach and citrus character. Rounding out the bunch is Parting Shot Black IPA, which is new to New Realm’s portfolio of cans and exclusive to this variety pack. Parting Shot drinks like an IPA but is deep black in color with subtle roasted notes that dark beer drinkers crave, along with a hop-forward taste that IPA fans desire.

“The Mixed 12 pack is an opportunity to showcase two of Mitch’s best-selling IPA’s, Hazy Like a Fox and Hoptropolis, that also lets people try our Sour Series and an exclusive release that’s not available anywhere else. The pack includes three cans of each beer style, so they can sample some of the best that we have to offer across a range of IPA flavors,” said Bob Powers, Co-Founder and CCO of New Realm Brewing.

“This is the first chance for us to put our Parting Shot Black IPA in cans, and we’re excited about the lineup in this all-IPA Mixed Pack. Black IPA is one of my favorite styles to brew, so I’m glad that this release features one so prominently,” said Co-Founder and Brewmaster of New Realm Brewing.

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