New Hazy with a Royally Sized ABV Joins Flying Dog’s Lineup of Heavy Hitters

Flying Dog is adding to its already impressive lineup of IPAs with the debut of the new limited-release Kulture King Imperial Hazy, the brewery’s new Imperial New England IPA hitting store shelves in mid-April. Coming in at 10% ABV, Kulture King is a juicy new addition to the brewery’s team of heavy hitters.

Hop forward and bursting with intense fruit flavors and aromas, this smooth-drinking imperial’s royally sized ABV is masked in its delicious, juicy finish. Citrus and tropical fruit notes dominate the nose while the beer’s low bitterness and soft finish makes its 10% ABV nearly unnoticeable in the flavor and mouthfeel.

“Over 95% of the hops in Kulture King are added after the boil,” said Flying Dog’s Brewmaster, Ben Clark. “Moving the hopping to the whirlpool greatly limits the bitterness and greatly increases the aroma and flavor, creating the perfectly hazy IPA profile.”

Recent history has shown Flying Dog that there is a market for amped up ABVs of traditionally lower octane styles. Kulture King will join the brewery’s lineup of big brews which includes beers like The Truth (8.7% ABV), Double Dog (12% ABV), and Gonzo Imperial Porter (10% ABV). Kulture King’s high ABV and vibrant Ralph Steadman artwork makes this package pop on store shelves.

Kulture King will be available in stores starting mid-April in 6-packs and 24-packs of 12oz bottles. Consumers are encouraged to visit Flying Dog’s Beer Finder to locate inventory in their area:

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