Bent Paddle Introduces Classic Cream Ale; New Variety Adventure Pack

Dear Macro Beer Drinkers: You’re invited. That’s the message from Duluth’s Bent Paddle Brewing Co., with its introduction of Classic, a new, straight-forward beer for the All-American beer drinker.

An American-Style Cream Ale, Classic is 5.0 percent ABV and made with Lake Superior water and CZN hops. It pours light with a smooth, creamy finish, making it a perfect selection for any classic occasion ranging from summer BBQs, lakeside outings, suburban cul-de-sac gatherings, or just hanging out in the garage, as Minnesotans tend to do.

“We sought out to create an everyday beer that was for everyone — smooth, easy-going and timeless,” said Colin Mullen, co-founder of Bent Paddle Brewing Co. “Classic truly bridges the gap between macro and craft beers and is our sudsy invitation for the beer drinker who hasn’t yet discovered craft beer as well as craft beer enthusiasts.”

Bent Paddle worked to tailor and perfect Classic through six months of brewing to produce a beer that would resonate with a wide range of beer drinkers.

“We’ve never spent so much time, energy and dedication into brewing a beer and it shows in Classic,” said Karen Tonnis, co-founder of Bent Paddle Brewing Co. “This beer brings beer back to the basics and is a tribute to the great American beer.”

Speaking to its name, Classic is wrapped in simple, clean packaging that echoes back to traditional beer cans and artwork. Classic is currently available in 12-ounce cans both in 6- and 12-packs in Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

Additionally today marks the release of Bent Paddle’s first ever variety pack – called the Adventure Pack!  This 12-pack case features four different Bent Paddle signature beers – Classic (American Style Cream Ale), Bent Hop (Golden IPA), Kanu (Session Pale Ale), and Venture Pils (Pilsener Lager).  Great for a socially distanced party, camping or anything in between, these Adventure Packs can be found all across Minnesota, Wisconsin, & North Dakota liquor stores starting this week!

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