New Braunfels Brings Back “Wicked Fuel” for Fourth Year

This is the fourth year that New Braunfels Brewing has brought its in-your-face coffee seasonal “Wicked Fuel” and the brewery couldn’t be more excited about it. Cooler temps scream for a glass of 4.5 percent ABV black beer with massive aromas and flavors of freshly roasted coffee.

“Wicked Fuel” starts as a 4-malt German Dunkelweizen that skews over to the black side of dark.
After primary fermentation is complete the beer is transfered over 50 pounds of freshly-roasted JetFuel from Independence Coffee Company and then given 10 days to cold brew the coffee deep inside the beer.

The resulting aroma is heavenly and the smooth drinkability of the wheat ale give coffee the microphone. This is a beer you’ll not soon forget.


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