Neshaminy Creek Releases Rough Puff Pastry Stout as Holiday Seasonal

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company is getting into the spirit of the holiday season with a new winter beer for Creek fans to enjoy or gift to a fellow beer-lover.

Out Friday, December 9, Rough Puff, whose namesake comes from the popular series The Great British Bakeoff, is a full-bodied confectionary concoction sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Brewed with a healthy heaping of flaked oats, and an array of malts including pale, crystal, and chocolate malt, this showstopper of a beer stands on its own as a rich, creamy stout, and earns the delicious classification of a Pastry Stout. The decadent winter treat sits at a hefty 12.5% ABV.

Rough Puff has not hit the shelves yet, but it has already started a legacy as a new yearly launch, as brewers found themselves inspired to think up some future variations of the Rough Puff brew.

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