Neshaminy Creek Cranks out 2 Collabs with Dock Street & Ellis Coffee

This month Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company (Neshaminy Creek) is proudly rolling out two tasty collaboration beers. First up, Neshaminy Creek joins forces with Dock Street Brewery, Philadelphia’s first microbrewery, to create Bone Roaster Smoked Porter. This beer will rattle the bones of local beer lovers when it’s released on Friday, October 7, 2022. Then, the following week on October 14, 2022, Rippin’ Pints, inspired by Rippin’ Cups Neshaminy Creek’s custom house blend with Philly’s own Ellis Coffee, combines the brewery’s two greatest loves – coffee and beer.  

Bone Roaster Smoked Porter was born out of friendship and shared bragging rights of being awarded Great American Beer Festival medals! Neshaminy Creek has won multiple medals for Croydon Is Burning Smoked Lager, while Dock Street has taken medals for Man Full of Trouble Porter. Bone Roaster combines the breweries’ respective expertise to produce an inventive Smoked Porter with an ABV of 5.7%. Fermented with the yeast strain, Darkness, Bone Roaster has a complex aroma layered with wood smoke, chocolate, and freshly baked bread. This medium-to-full-bodied porter possesses a rich malt character, deep smoky notes, and a clean, bone-dry finish with a haunting whisper of English hops. Bone Roaster will be available at all three Neshaminy Creek taprooms in Croydon, Dublin, New Hope, and Dock Street South on Washington Avenue in Philadelphia, with limited distribution throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland to follow.  

Rippin’ Pints is the full-circle evolution of Neshaminy Creek’s collaboration with Ellis Coffee from house blend coffee to medium-bodied brown ale. With a delicate chocolate malt base, robust coffee flavors, and mild citrus notes, this medium-bodied brown ale will put a pep in your step. Rippin’ Pints has an ABV of 5.4% and was cold-conditioned on whole beans from Ellis in a process similar to how cold press coffee is made.  

“The fun thing about this business is getting to share the finished product with friends so it’s even better when your friends are involved in the entire process. They’re bringing their unique skills and points of view to make a richer, tastier experience and sometimes things get a little nutty,” says Owner and Lead Brewer, Rob Jahn. “Our long-time friendships inspired both Bone Roaster and Rippin’ Pints, but our combined expertise produced great beers worth celebrating.”

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