Neshaminy Creek Celebrates Revenge of the Sixth Party & New Bantha Fodder Beer Release

Galactic Empire strikes back at Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company for Revenge of the Sixth! The Creek crew will be celebrating the Star Wars saga all day long on Saturday, May 6 with local collectibles, comics, and toy vendors including Broaxium, Wade’s Comic Madness, and Secret Origins Comics, free caricatures and glitter tattoos, and then ending the festivities with Galactic Empire’s heavy metal take on John Williams’ iconic Star Wars scores. There will also be deliciously themed food items from Clean Plate Club and Moocheeze food Vader’s Smash Burger, LightsaB-ratwurst, Jabba the Hutt’s Pimento Grilled Cheese, Galactic Corn Fritters, Chewbacca’s Cheesesteak Empanadas, Princess Leia’s Cinnamon Buns and more. 

All forms of scum and villainy are welcome to the free event throughout the day; tickets are only needed for the all-ages Galactic Empire show at 8 p.m. Tickets are $25 and available at  

Also highlighting this Star Wars celebration is the release of Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company’s new beer Bantha Fodder. This 7% ABV German-style Spring Bock is inspired by the mighty Bantha of Tatooine featuring a robust malt flavor profile and caramel sweetness. It’s copper-colored, clean, and refreshing, which is important when you’re fighting off Jawas under twin suns. Bantha Fodder may just bring balance to the Force, much like the delicate addition of some classic German hops. 

A portion of the day’s proceeds will be donated to STEM for Her, a non-profit that creates awareness, excitement, and opportunities among girls and young women to launch successful STEM-related careers.

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