Neshaminy Creek Adds Watermelon Sour to Expand on Rita’s Fruit Brew Lineup

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company (Neshaminy Creek) is adding another new flavor to its Rita’s Fruit Brews line of beers inspired by Rita’s Italian Ice (Rita’s) – Watermelon Sour! This new brew will join the ranks of Mango, Peach Ring, and Cherry Lemonade when it’s released at their brewery and taprooms in Croydon and Dublin, PA starting at noon on Friday, April 12.. Rita’s Fruit Brews Watermelon Sour will then be available throughout the brewery’s distribution network in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and now Massachusetts and Rhode Island thanks to their new partnership with Homegrown Distribution.

Neshaminy Creek and Rita’s first joined forces in the spring of 2023 to launch the Rita’s Fruit Brews line as a tribute to the Italian Ice brand’s iconic flavors. This partnership was built on local pride as Rita’s first location opened in 1984 just 10 minutes down the road from Neshaminy Creek’s production brewery while today, Rita’s is headquartered only a little further away from the brewery in the opposite direction. Both brands have become regional staples and synonymous with sweet relief from the summer heat.

Rita’s Fruit Brews Watermelon Sour keys off the latest flavor that recently debuted at Rita’s shops across the country, SOUR PATCH KIDS® Watermelon Ice. First it’s sour. Then it’s sweet. Then it’s gone. The beer is refreshingly tart with a lactic sourness that adds a bright burst to the sweet watermelon candy flavor. With a light body, tingly carbonation, tangy finish, and a highly sessionable 5% ABV, Rita’s Fruit Brews Watermelon Sour is a fresh slice of summer in a can!

For the first time ever, Neshaminy Creek is expanding distribution of their Rita’s Fruit Brews line into Massachusetts and Rhode Island with their partners at Homegrown Distribution. After seeing the initial success of the brand throughout the Philadelphia region, Homegrown and Neshaminy Creek saw an opportunity to give Rita’s fans in New England a taste of these fruit forward ales. The craft beer and specialty beverage wholesaler will carry the previously released Rita’s Fruit Brews Variety Packs and the new Watermelon Sour along with a limited selection of Neshaminy Creek’s core beers.

“I was so excited when Rita’s told us they were working on a Sour Patch Kids Watermelon ice because I knew that’d make for an awesome summer beer,” said Kyle Park, Director of Sales and Marketing at Neshaminy Creek. “The huge range of flavors that Rita’s has to offer is one of the things that has made this such a fun project to work on. When it comes to candy, sour gummies are my weakness so getting to experiment with our brewers and bring this watermelon flavor to life in a beer was a real treat. It’s also been great getting to know the crew at Homegrown Distribution and we can’t wait to have Neshaminy Creek available in their market.”

Rita’s Fruit Brews Watermelon Sour will debut in 12oz Can 6-Packs on Friday, April 12th at Neshaminy Creek’s Croydon and Dublin taprooms where customers will also be able to get a pint of the new flavor on draft. Neshaminy Creek will also have the previously released Rita’s Fruit Brews Variety Pack available along with Mango, Peach Ring, and Cherry Lemonade.

Following the release at the brewery, Rita’s Fruit Brews Watermelon Sour will be available at retailers throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Rita’s Fruit Brews will be sold alongside Neshaminy Creek’s wide variety of handcrafted ales and lagers that have made the brewery a regional staple for nearly 12 years. Interested customers can find their nearest retailer using Neshaminy Creek’s Beer Finder.

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