Gigantic Brewing Announces 5th Anniversary ‘Greatest Hits’ Lineup

Gigantic Brewing said they would never brew their seasonal beers more than once, but to celebrate the 5th anniversary they are bringing back some of the most loved brews in the catalogue of ever changing seasonal beers.

“We will be brewing an entire year of Gigantic “Greatest Hits” starting in April 2017 and running to June 2018 (It’s a gigantic 15 month year),” the brewery release said. “We are always being asked when we will brew “that” seasonal beer again. So at the end of last year we asked our taproom patrons, as well as those online and around the world to vote for their favorite Gigantic seasonal beer. We received hundreds of votes and after counting, and re-counting, we are happy to announce the beers selected by Gigantic drinkers.”

It will start the “Greatest Hits” reissue collection where it all began, with Axes of Evil and The City Never Sleeps. Both beers were top vote getters. Gigantic 5th Anniversary reissue beers will be signified by a special “5 Years Greatest Hits” stamp. The beers will also come paired with songs from local musicians.

About Axes Of Evil: Gigantic + Three Floyds unleash this weapon of mass distraction. Citrus, floral and tropical hoppyness lead to full malt flavour from proper English malt, kilned over Welsh coal. Brewed for those of us that live and die in the Timbers Army and Section 8. ABV 6.0% 70 IBU

About The City Never Sleeps: From the deep dark recesses of our minds emerges this imperial black saison. A beer shrouded in mystery and depth of flavor. A night you will never forget. ABV 7.6% 18 IBU

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