Montana Brewer’s Guild Encourages to Drink Local

montana brewer's guild

Three Montana state organizations have teamed up to help promote local craft beer made in the state.

A “Buy Local Beer Here” campaign debuted on Feb. 9 to help promote the Montana Brewers Association’s 53 members. They have teamed up with the Montana Restaurant Association and Montana Tavern Association on the campaign.

“Montana brewers are excited to see more taverns and restaurants getting on board with Montana craft beer. On a basic level it’s about responding to consumer demand, but it’s also about supporting local businesses and keeping more dollars in the local economy,” said MBA president Josh Townsley in a prepared statement.

“Montana taverns are excited to partner with Montana brewers to provide consumers exciting new craft products,” added Jim Johnson, president of the MTA.

With breweries now in over thirty cities and towns across Montana, more bars and restaurants are putting beer from local breweries on tap. Montana breweries generate and pay taxes on approximately $36 million of revenue while employing more than 500 people with an economic impact of over $60 million annually, according to the MBA.

The “Buy Local Beer” campaign is also engaging the public and encouraging people to get involved on social media. Stickers are available at taverns, restaurants and breweries participating in the campaign for customers. The public is also being encouraged to post pictures of their “Buy Local Beer” stickers with the hashtags #BuyLocalBeer and #MTbeer.


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