Migration Releases Hotwire Pale Ale with KOBLE Creative

Migration Brewing is releasing a limited batch of Hotwire Pale Ale at their pubs Thursday, May 6. In collaboration with their architect partner, Koble Creative, this light, refreshing pale ale will be available on draft and in six packs. Hotwire Pale came to life as a celebration of 4 years of collaborating on a variety of architectural design projects.

In Norway, the term ‘Koble’ means ‘to connect.’ It also is used as slang for hot-wiring a car. With a background and passion in cars, Founder and Co-owner Terry Amundson decided that this name was the perfect fit for the collaboration.

“We’ve been talking about making a beer with Migration over the past year and the timing finally worked out. After an extensive sensory exploration we landed on a unique pale ale recipe that features a Yuzu puree, coupled with Azacca and El Dorado hops,” comments Amundson.

“The Koble Creative team is a talented architecture partner who we’ve worked together with on a number of pub and brewery projects, including our recently opened Williams location,” states Migration Co- Founder and Head Brewer Mike Branes. “We’re really excited about this beer. It’s a beautiful burnt orange color, filled with lots of subtle flavors coming in at a very sessionable 5.0% ABV. This will be a patio favorite while it’s available,” says Branes.

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