Migration Expands Distribution into Colorado

Migration Brewing’s distribution has expanded into Colorado with the help of their new partnership with Colorado Craft Distributors. Based in Denver, CO, Colorado Craft Distributors will distribute Migration Brewing beers across the Front Range between Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, and along the I70 corridor west to Grand Junction.

Migration Brewing’s core beer offerings first hit shelves in Colorado stores in mid-October. Colorado residents can expect to find Migration Brewing’s core four year-round offerings, as well as a rotation of seasonal and limited releases.

“We are thrilled to partner with Colorado Craft Distributors,” explains Co-Founder and Sales Director, Eric Banzer-Lausberg. “They are a distributor with a passion for craft beer, quality product and exceptional customer service. They hold onto their roots of growing together with the brands they distribute. We couldn’t be more excited to grow with them.”

Migration Brewing plans to offer draft to the on-premise sector in the future. In the meantime, cans are available at local craft beer retail outlets throughout Colorado. Migration Brewing also currently distributes in Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Japan and Thailand.

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