Revision Expands Territory Reach in California

Revision Brewing Company has transitioned to Classic Beverage of Southern California after Classic Beverage acquired Craft Beer Guild Los Angeles (CBGLA), the distributor that Revision had originally partnered with for their Southern California distribution coverage.

Revision Brewing Company, originally signed with CBGLA shortly after the brewery opened in 2017. The transition from CBGLA to Classic Beverage has been seemingly smooth for the brewery and with a majority of CBGLA’s sales force coming over to Classic Beverage, it should be a fairly easy transition across the board.

As far as capabilities, Classic Beverage of Southern California has been in business for over 30 years and is a well-established distribution company with over one-hundred sales representatives and just shy of two-hundred merchandisers. Classic Beverage was started in the ’80s when Miller Brands was in need of a distributor in the area sought out “The Sanchez Family, who was well known in Los Angeles for their successful Hispanic grocery stores, creation of the Mexican American Grocers’ Association, as well as civil rights activism” to be their distribution partner due to their deeply rooted community ties.

All of the counties previously covered by CBGLA for the Revision brands will transition over to Classic Beverage and coverage will be expanded to San Luis Obispo and Kern Counties. “Looking forward to working with Classic Beverage and excited to continue building the Revision brand in Southern California. Classic Beverage has a phenomenal reputation and I know they will execute,” stated Revision Brewing Company CEO, Jeremy Warren.

Revision Brewing Company is most well known for their approachable internationally awarded IPAs and Barrel-aged stouts as well as for their creative and edgy beer label art. This fast-growing Northern Nevada craft brewery is highly sought after in California. In fact, over 50% of Revision Brewing Company’s business comes from California with the Northern part of California driving the volume for the brewery. Monterey and San Benito counties were just added to the brewery’s distribution footprint covered by Delta Pacific Beverage. Those in addition to the counties that Classic Beverage has expanded coverage to are only expected to grow the already existing volume distributed to the state.

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