Messages Crafted Online​ That Get Strong Interactions

Although he is a Communications Manager for Baxter Brewing, he’s also a consumer. And Tony Grassi said he’s always going to want to see something novel and genuine from a brewery when it comes to online interactions and promotion.

“The rise of Stories on social media has definitely created a new avenue that allows us to communicate with our fans in fun and interesting ways,” he said. Utilizing it and leveraging it toward sales while also connecting with consumers is key.

“It encourages more lighthearted and self-aware posting which everyone seems to enjoy,” he said of how Baxter has approached using the platform. “People turn to beer to unwind, to have some fun, and after the difficult year we’ve all had, that experience is more important than ever.

“Sharing images of people laughing, or hiking, or recognizing a milestone that can make everyone feel good has been a great way to get people engaged and hopefully keep their spirits up.”

​Along with fun, creating engagement on posts that unite a like-minded community can also endear your brand to a populace.

“Posts that highlight the perseverance of our customers, our neighbors, or ourselves in the face of challenges are usually met with an outpouring of support,” explained Stoup co-owner Lara Zahaba. “And then, of course, anything out of the ordinary always invites a lot of attention. An unexpected snowstorm, for example, that allows us to post images of customers skiing on over for their beers.”

Focusing on “simple pleasures” and unique guest experiences are important for Indeed Brewing.

“A partnership with a local ice cream place to make a custom flavor out of a popular beer or a photo of an employee giving a customer’s dog a treat at our beer to-go window … these things strike a chord with our guests for the feelings they elicit,” said Morgan Halaska, Marketing & Communications Manager for the Minneapolis brewery.

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​When ​it comes to advertising a new brand or the return of a seasonal​, laying out a campaign ​path is important and social media is now a key part of that.​

​”​As a consumer, I want to know what’s different, and that can be a tricky road because maybe I liked last year’s run and I don’t want it to change​,” Grassi said. ​”​That’s where a good campaign comes in. If you can ensure I’m going to get more of what I liked, even if it’s different, I’ll be excited to try it.

​”​As a marketer, I want to make sure the story behind the beer is clear yet concise. You don’t want to gloss over inspiration or what makes the beer special. At the same time, a little brevity goes a long way in creating room for more dialogue with your followers.​”​

​Indeed see​s​ pretty consistent engagement on new beer releases, especially with popular seasonal returns or new, experimental one-off beers (like ​its Cerveza de Horchata).

​”​With returning seasonal beers, we try not to rest on our laurels​,” Halaska said. ​”​In 2020, we didn’t have much bandwidth to revamp the marketing of some known brands, but that’s our plan this year with seasonal favorites like Strawberry Fields and LSD. Springbier is one that’s coming back for ​Year 2, and we’re looking to partner with a local nursery to cross-promote it.

“​Pistachio Cream Ale was the big story of 2020 and still in 2021. It was a beer that we had only planned for a one-off release and one that started as an R&D beer at our pilot brewery in Milwaukee. Consumers took to it, so we ran with its wild popularity and tried to keep up with the demand. With its release in February 2021, we designed some merch, unveiled a year-round can and new design, partnered with a local creamery to make it an ice cream, and hosted a contest.​”

Photo courtesy Baxter Brewing

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