Maui, Patagonia Collaborate on Limited-Edition Release to Help Restore Planet

Maui Brewing Company is introducing a Kernza® Pilsner in partnership with Patagonia Provisions, the food and beverage business of outdoor apparel company Patagonia. The Kernza Pils is brewed with Organic Vienna and Organic Pilsner malts with Organic Talus and Organic Wakatu hops and Regenerative Organic Certified® Kernza®.

The light-bodied beer is moderately bitter with 40 IBUs and balanced with sweetness that finishes dry. It is clear with pale straw to gold appearance and offers an elegant, floral hop aroma. Its ABV is 4.6%.

This beer is part of Patagonia’s recently launched program with 11 independent craft breweries across the United States to introduce Lager-style beers brewed with Regenerative Organic Certified® Kernza® and organic ingredients. Each brewery partner’s beer is unique, exclusive to its geography, Patagonia-branded, and began regional availability in July. The objective of the Patagonia beer partnership program is to scale regenerative farming practices and perennial ingredients that improve soil health, restore ecosystems and help fight the climate crisis.

Kernza®, a deeply-rooted regenerative perennial grain, has the potential to transform the brewing industry. Kernza® stabilizes soil, requires minimal tilling, increases soil organic matter, and improves soil structure and water-holding capacity. Patagonia is confident that ongoing research will also confirm that Kernza® draws down and stores more carbon in the soil than annual grains. When used in beer, it adds a deliciously rich but subtle nutty flavor. The Regenerative Organic Certified® Kernza® used in the Kernza Pils is sourced from A-Frame Farm, a 1,200-acre Regenerative Organic Certified® farm in Madison, Minnesota.

Participating breweries and Patagonia will each contribute 1% of Patagonia beer sales to a local non-profit that supports environmental initiatives and meets 1% for the Planet eligibility criteria.

“At Maui Brewing Co, we are passionate about sustainability and environmental stewardship, and we believe in Patagonia’s commitment to those values. Collaborating with a brand that shares our vision allows us to amplify our impact and reach a broader audience,” stated Kim Brisson Lutz, VP of Operations for Maui Brewing Co. “The use of Kernza® Malt in our beer collaboration is significant. By incorporating Kernza® Malt into our beer, we are promoting sustainable farming practices and contributing to the development of a more resilient and ecologically sound food system. It also offers a distinct flavor profile and a story worth sharing with beer enthusiasts who are interested in supporting environmentally friendly options. It’s an opportunity to showcase how the choices we make as a brewery can have a positive impact on the environment.”

“Patagonia is thrilled to partner with Maui Brewing Company, the first off-grid brewery in the US that reuses almost everything while brewing their craft beers,” says Paul Lightfoot, Patagonia Provision’s General Manager. “Craft beer drinkers want delicious high-quality beer made with clean ingredients that are better for the planet, and we look forward to bringing that beer to Patagonia customers with Maui Brewing Company in Hawaii.”

Maui Brewing restaurant locations in Kihei, Kahana, and Ka’anapali (Maui) currently have this beer on draft, while its Kailua and Waikiki (Oahu) locations will be pouring the Kernza Pilsen the upcoming weeks.

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