Marketing Moves That Paid Off

Stepping out of your brewery’s comfort zone to do something can be a bit of a challenge. It can be experimenting with a hop, putting a beer style that you have a passion for on tap, or even creating a promotion that you aren’t quite sure of that will work.

Yet, it did work and your brewery came out of it with a positive thought about the journey.

For Short’s Brewing, the thought of delivering beer to consumer’s homes seemed it would be a logistical nightmare.

“And we weren’t sure if the demand was there,” added Christa Brenner, the Bellaire, Michigan brewery’s Creative & Marketing Manager.

Yet, on the weekend Short’s debuted in Metro Detroit it sold over $20,000 of product.

For Rob Day, he told Brewer that he and the team at Jack’s Abby/Springdale had a hard time believing in brand-owned immersive experiences for a long time.

Outside of ​giving a consumer a well-crafted experience in their own brewery​ was doable,​ but after honing in on a few key factors ​Day, the ​​Framingham, Massachusetts brewery’s Senior Director of Marketing​ found them to be extremely effective tools​ in marketing the brand​.

Just like real estate, where you set your mark on having an immersive experience is location, location, location.

“​To throw an impactful branded experience in ​New York City, you better have deep pockets​,” Day said. “We do not.

​”​However, if you put that same effort and smaller dollars into Harrisburg​, Pennsylvania,​ you’ll see real results in connections, brand building, and ultimately sales.​”​

Another new venture that is starting to pay off for Short’s is digital advertising.

“We’ve relied on word-of-mouth for a long time,” Brenner said, but the brewery is now testing out some digital opportunities and she said that they are able to prove a very strong ROI in markets with less awareness of our brand.

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