MadTree Legendary Lager Launches As New Year Round Beer In 12-packs

MadTree Brewing is releasing MadTree Legendary Lager, a new year-round easy drinking lager perfect for storytelling and good times. Draft will also be available for on-premise retailers.

MadTree Legendary Lager is for the heroes we hold dear and the stories we tell about them — from the everyday people who impact us in extraordinary ways, to the larger-than-life legends who challenge us to think big. Expertly brewed for any occasion and perfect for celebrating the new adventures they inspire. At 4.2% ABV and 12-pack quantity price break, this beer invites everyone to connect with each other telling many stories over beers.

“We’re proud to introduce the first story in the MadTree Legendary Lager series with the heavyweight champ and community hero, Ezzard Charles. ” said Brady Duncan, Co-founder of MadTree. “Throughout the series, we’ll roll out other exciting legends and their story to spark your inspiration and bring you ways to share the legends in your life.”

Ezzard Charles was a heavyweight champion, Jazz musician, tailor, veteran, community activist and family man. Known in the ring as the Cincinnati Cobra, his talents were unrivaled. His story is Legendary.

A portion of the proceeds from a MadTree Legendary Lager purchase goes directly to Cincinnati Parks Foundation to support Laurel Park, located in Cincinnati’s West End where Mr. Charles grew up, to honor his legacy. Last October, the brewery planted over 100 trees in the park. This is part of MadTree’s 1% for the Planet membership, an organization the brewery is a part of, committing to donate 1% of sales to nonprofits focused on environmental sustainability. This October, at Cincinnati Park’s 3rd Annual Ezz Fest, a statue of Ezzard Charles will be dedicated in Laurel Park, thanks to a generous gift from the Carol Ann & Ralph V. Haile, Jr. Foundation.

“The Ezzard Charles statue project prompted a revitalization of Laurel Park, and we are so grateful that MadTree recognized the impact this project could have on the community”, said Jennifer Speiser, Executive Director of the Cincinnati Parks Foundation. “Their early support helped build the momentum that made this possible. In addition to their significant financial commitment, their donation of time and labor–planting over 100 new trees in Laurel Park and the West End Community last October–will literally make this neighborhood cooler. Their decision to feature Ezz as the first icon of their MadTree Legendary Lager series is such a cool way to honor a true Cincinnati heavyweight, and we’re so grateful for the attention it will help bring to Ezz’s legacy.”

Now available, look for MadTree Legendary Lager 12-packs at your local retailer starting in the Greater Cincinnati area.

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