MadBrew® CHLOR-FOAM HD to be Featured at CBC Booth #2016

Madison Chemical MadBrew® CHLOR-FOAM HD, a chlorinated foaming cleaner for cleaning the exterior surfaces of brewing equipment, will be featured along with other MadBrew® products developed specifically for craft brewers in Craft Brewers Conference booth #2016.  When used with a foam generator, this unique formulation produces a thick, stable foam that is ideal for cleaning vertical and overhead brewery equipment surfaces that are difficult to clean by other means.  This one package system resists dry-out and run-off, making it ideal for stainless and ferrous surfaces like brite tanks, kettles, lauter tubs, and more.  In addition to cleaning hard to reach brewery equipment exteriors, MadBrew® CHLOR-FOAM HD is acceptable for use in food and beverage plants as an A3 compound for use in all departments.

For most applications the product is used at dilutions of 1% to 10% in ambient to 140°F water, with exact dilutions determined by soils loading and conditions on site.  After usage rinse cleaned surfaces with potable water. 

Safe for use on ferrous, stainless steel, and most coper alloys; may stain or etch aluminum, zinc, and yellow brass.  Not for use on painted surfaces.

Standard Operating Procedures may need to be developed for specific concentration and temperature.  Madison Chemical Representatives are available to assist.

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