LUKI Brewery Debuts New Pilot System & Launches Mug Club

LUKI Brewery produced 27 new beers in 2021. This year the brewery hopes to release more than 40 beers with the addition of their new 1-barrel pilot system.

Called Majestic Mary’s Magnificent Malt Roadshow Menagerie, all 2022 pilot releases are brewed to inspire and awe, paying reverence to the brewery’s familial ties to the Ringling Bros., and particularly to LUKI Co-Founder and Ringmaster Jeff Smith’s grandmother Mary.

“My grandfather was part of the second generation at the Ringling Circus in the 1930s and followed in his father’s footsteps as an advanced ticket-taker and hype man. He met Mary who was a Vaudeville dancer at the time and the rest was history,” Smith said. “My grandmother was an awesome lady so I wanted to pay tribute to her by naming our pilot program after her.”

In addition to the launch of LUKI’s pilot offerings, the brewery will also launch Majestic Mary’s Malt Membership, an annual printed passport ($30) that will provide beer lovers with the following:

  • 10% off your tab on any beers.
  • One free 12- or 16-ounce pour redeemable anytime
  • Collect stamps for new releases and receive the following:
  • 10 stamps: glassware of your choice
  • 20 stamps: t-shift from current merchandise offerings
  • 30 stamps: stainless steel crowler which includes a free fill and $1 off future fills
  • 40 stamps: name engraved on a plaque for the year 
  • Person(s) with the most stamps will receive a year-end hang out with LUKI brewers to drink beer and discuss beer ideas for 2023

Sales for the Majestic Mary’s Malt Membership will begin on January 14 at the LUKI taproom. The first releases of Majestic Mary’s Magnificent Malt Roadshow Menergie will support LUKI’s “Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil” public vote, where guests help decide which version of their West-Coast IPA will forever be set with the Monkey Business moniker.

“We’ve wanted to offer a unique mug club since we’ve opened,” says Smith. “This program was created to reward the loyalty of our guests and give them a way to participate in our 2022 beer journey.”

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