Lone Pine Launches Craft Seltzer Mixed 12 Packs

Lone Pine Brewing Company this week will debut its new line of hard seltzers, Lone Pine Craft Seltzer, in mixed 12 packs.

The mixed 12 pack will include four flavors: Raspberry Lime, Strawberry, Blueberry Lemon, and Watermelon Cucumber. The launch into distribution is a big step up from the brewery’s first foray into hard seltzer, a taproom-exclusive orange hard seltzer modeled after one of their signature IPAs, Oh-J.

“We have been offering the taproom-exclusive Oh-J hard seltzer off and on since last summer,” said Tom Madden, co-founder/head brewer, Lone Pine Brewing. “And the reception has been awesome. There are a lot of people who are starting to try hard seltzers in addition to craft beer, and we wanted to encourage that exploration by branching out and giving people who know and trust our brand more options.”

So far, hard seltzers have been pieces in a game played mostly by large beverage companies such as AB InBev, Truly/Boston Beer Company, and White Claw/Mark Anthony Brands. Lone Pine’s thrust into the market is one of the earliest instances of a craft brewery throwing serious brand equity into the hard seltzer game. Lone Pine Craft Seltzer will be available upon launch in six states to start: the brewery’s home state of Maine, as well as most of the Northeast: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

A percentage of the proceeds of all sales of Lone Pine Craft Seltzer will be donated to Sebago Clean Waters, a nonprofit coalition dedicated to protecting the quality and ecology of Maine’s Sebago watershed and surrounding wildlife habitat.

“We are a passionate advocate of protecting one of Maine’s best natural resources: its water,” continued Madden. “We think using Lone Pine Craft Seltzer to generate both donations and awareness for Sebago Clean Waters is fitting, since seltzer is a great way to showcase high quality water.”

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