Modist Announces Release of The Fix: IWD 2021 with Author & Charity Organization

The women of M​odist Brewing​, Michelle P. King​, & A​nd Now She Rises​are thrilled to announce the arrival of The Fix: IWD 2021, a Zero IBU IPA brewed in celebration of International Women’s Day. The Fix: IWD 2021 is named after equality thought leader Michelle P. King’s award-winning book about gender inequality in the workplace, T​he Fix​, and proceeds for the beer will be donated to Twin-Cities Metro non-profit, And Now She Rises (ANSR), whose mission is to help domestic abuse survivors change their narratives, from victimhood to victory. The Fix: IWD 2021 will release on tap at Modist’s North Loop Minneapolis taproom on Saturday, March 6th and in liquor stores on Tuesday, March 9th.

After reading T​he Fix, On-Premise Sales Manager for Modist, Katie Muggli, was inspired to contact the author. “For the past two years, we partnered with ANSR to throw charity concerts at Modist, garnering the resources local domestic abuse shelters needed, like bras. This year is all about ​maximizing impact in spite of COVID, and going beyond a single event to the entire month!” Katie says.

The can artwork features a QR code that goes beyond telling the beer’s genesis story, linking to Michelle’s ​100 Actions for Equality campaign of tangible actions every person can take to become an ally to women.
Proceeds from The Fix: IWD 2021 will be donated to ANSR, for their biggest initiative yet – a scholarship – because the greatest way to empower a survivor is to give her an education.

The beer will be available throughout the Twin-Cities Metro and will also be distributed in select locations throughout New York and New Jersey, through our distribution partner ​Sarene​. Sarene will be making donations to local domestic abuse shelters in each of their distributed areas. Twin-Cities Metro owned ​Brewers Supply Group donated the malt bill to create the beer, resulting in an additional $3,900 donation that will be made on top of the proceeds raised from beer sales.

Additionally, Michelle has donated 500 copies of her best-selling book for local shelters, fellow brewing industry friends of Modist, and the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild to share as a resource with other Minnesota breweries.

“Together we can fix our corner of the world and help women thrive in very real ways. We are hopeful that this will be our most impactful year yet, and that we can continue to inspire change well beyond the month of March – and that’s what The Fix: IWD 2021 represents,” says Katie Muggli.

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