Local, Yet Regional: How Dust Bowl Speaks its Brand to Different Customers

Moving to more than 16,000 barrels per year in production and the nomenclature of “regional brewery,” Dust Bowl understands that they are still a local brewery to the Turlock, California area but continues to find ways to speak to consumers beyond the four walls of its brewery and taprooms.

“Our taprooms certainly help create and maintain a tight relationship with the local patrons in each respective location,” said Marketing & PR Manager Michelle Peterson. “We work hard to provide a personal experience at the taproom level.”

Peterson said that the nearly 13-year-old company considers taprooms — one located in Monterey along with a second in Elk Grove expected to open soon — as an extension of the marketing and PR departments.

“How people feel about your brand after leaving your taproom is really important and drives on- and off-premise sales for the brewery,” she said.

And it seems that the Turlock and local community members share a sense of pride in the growth of the brand.

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“When our local beer fans see our beer in other parts of the state or country, I think they are actually excited and feel a connection to our success,” Peterson said.

​Yet, it’s important to remember that there are many more potential consumers that don’t know the story of the brand your brewery is trying to convey and your local roots and support may only go so far.

Dust Bowl has understood that during its growth and Peterson explained how it has tackled that issue.​

​”We have two messaging angles on our POS materials,” she said. “We use tags like ‘Support Local’ and ‘Drink Local Craft Beer’ within an hour or two of the brewery and then in our outside areas, we capitalize on the ‘California’ angle.”

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