LiquidData Aims to Help Fuel DTC Growth in Beverage Alcohol Space

LiquidData, a rising star in the strategic pursuit of DTC growth in the beverage alcohol industry and creators of an e-commerce SaaS platform, today publicly announced a deal with TapRm to acquire the company’s white label e-commerce platform and the customers that currently use it. 

LiquidData’s technology provides alcohol producers with an end-to-end three tier compliant online DTC sales strategy, which includes a digital platform for consumer purchases, order fulfillment, and marketing support to help drive visibility and traffic to client webstores. LiquidData’s ecosystem of partners includes working with distributors and retailers to support the shipment of products directly to consumers. The company’s senior team brings decades of experience in alcohol sales, digital marketing, data analytics, and beverage e-commerce. 

The acquisition of TapRm’s e-commerce platform infrastructure will bolster the company’s backend technology, providing efficiencies that allow them to focus on what they do best –  helping their beverage clients engage directly with customers. 

“LiquidData wants to offer solutions for all categories of beverage alcohol throughout the United States,” said Will Hench, co-founder and CEO, LiquidData. “We’re relentless about driving success for our clients, and excited to combine our people-facing strategies and industry knowledge with TapRm’s exceptional technology to propel our clients’ success.” 

Prior to founding LiquidData, Hench launched NIPYATA! during the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally conceived as a delivery service for booze-filled piñatas to break open at adults-only parties, the company quickly grew its list of offerings to include Advent Calendars, Drinkable Greeting Cards, Gift Bundles, and more. The experience at NIPYATA! put Hench in partnership with globally-recognized brands like Dogfish Head, SVEDKA, Angry Orchard, and AB InBev. 

But where Hench saw the real opportunity was the ability to help beverage producers like breweries and distilleries shore up a meaningful DTC strategy, which would go beyond customer delight to include digital paid media marketing and compliant fulfillment. This ultimately led to the launch of LiquidData. 

“DTC sales of alcohol became really enticing to businesses during the era of pandemic shut downs,” continued Hench. “But every state has different regulations about legal compliance with alcohol laws. The ticket to really capitalize on connecting consumers directly with beverage alcohol producers like breweries and distilleries is to understand those laws and ensure that the buyers are having a seamless experience. That’s what clicks for all of our customers: we understand those laws and offer a fully integrated three tier compliant platform.” 

LiquidData has already brought on more than 50 brands in less than a year. In an industry typically on the slower end of technology adoption, LiquidData wants to build on this early success to continue driving innovation in beverage technology.

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