In-Line Labeling’s New Model CF-8

in-line labeling

The new Model CF-8 carbonated beverage filler uses true pre-evac counter pressure technology to monitor bottle pressure and beer pressure in controlling fills.  This 8-head Filler can fill up to 50 bpm, depending on beer pressure and temperature.  Bottle sizes from 12 ounces to 750 milliliters can be handled in the same machine with the addition of inexpensive, minor change parts.

Container handling is fully automatic — no manual loading or unloading of bottles.  Also, no bottles are used to push other bottles through the filling process, thereby eliminating the chance of misalignment. Bottles enter on the infeed conveyor and are counted and spaced on 5 inch centers.  When ready, bottles are shuttled over under the filling heads. Our filling heads use genuine liquid solenoid valves to control beer flow — no pinching of tubes — and are controlled by an accurate servo head which allows teaching of bottle heights and storage into memory for later use.  Multiple pressure sensors allow for fine-tuning of fill heights across the group of bottles.  The use of true pre-evac and a CO2 charge prior to filling eliminates oxygen in the bottle. When complete, the bottles are shuttled under the crowning heads for crowning.  After completion, bottles are pushed out onto the exit conveyor.

The machine includes an Elevator Crown Sorter, Chute, and Crown Track that automatically transports to and loads crowns into the crowning heads.  The crowns are counted and controlled and the sorter starts and stops on demand as crowns are needed. It is both a versatile and durable Bottler for microbreweries hoping to increase speed or reduce labor in their bottling rooms. Contact us at 843.569.2530 for more info and to see this Bottler in a line with our other products tailored for the Microbrewery industry.  All of our equipment is completely built and supported in the United States out of our facility in North Charleston, South Carolina.


  • True pre-evac and CO2 charge prior to filling eliminates oxygen in the bottle.
  • Automatic bottle-handling through the machine.
  • Can run 12 oz., 22 oz., or 750mL in the same machine with minor change parts.

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