Lawson’s Finest Liquids Achieves 100% Solar Powered Brews

The sustainability-minded team at Vermont craft brewery Lawson’s Finest Liquids are proud to announce that they have achieved their goal of 100% solar powered beer and brewery operations. Following a B Corp certification this year, Lawson’s Finest is continuing to invest in its commitment to earth-friendly brewing. This landmark is the culmination of years of thoughtful planning and investment in sustainable energy, which includes the largest solar canopy in Vermont.  

“Brewing delicious beer is a resource-intensive art,” said Sean Lawson, Lawson’s Finest Liquids founding brewer. “But we always knew there were better, greener ways to do what we love. We started investing in solar in 2019 with the ultimate goal of going one hundred percent solar, and now we’re finally here.”

The Lawson’s Finest team installed its first brewery roof solar array in 2019 that enabled them to tap into renewable energy for their production processes. The 43kw AC system and series of over 140 solar panels produce approximately 52,000 kWh of electricity per year. 

Additionally, in 2022 they constructed the largest solar canopy in the state of Vermont. The structure features 495 individual solar modules (REC 375W) positioned above 40 covered parking spaces and 12 level-two electric vehicle charging stations. The setup, along with a solar array that generates 215kW across 495 modules, harnesses the power of the sun to offset about 60% of the Waitsfield brewery’s utility bill. In terms of beer, this means supplying enough energy to produce about 2.4 million cans annually of Lawson’s Finest brews.
Lawson’s Finest’s solar initiative is a part of its Social Impact Program or the SIP, as the team fondly refers to the brewery’s efforts to support healthy communities, sustainable recreation and environmental conservation. The SIP has also donated more than $2 million to worthwhile environmental causes and community-building efforts since 2018. 

“Over the past 15 years, the Lawson’s Finest team has built a vibrant culture that authentically weaves the Social Impact Program into the core of the brewery,” says Adeline Druart, Lawson’s Finest Liquids CEO. “100% solar powered brews are something to celebrate. Looking ahead, we will continue to reduce our use of wastewater and energies by identifying further opportunities to become more environmentally friendly. It’s all part of a bigger picture to brew great beer and do good in the world.” 

Lawson’s Finest’s solar efforts will help the state achieve its goal of reaching 90% renewable energy by 2050. But sustainability doesn’t stop here. The Lawson’s Finest team is dedicated to continuous improvement in the areas of sustainability and community-building.

Visit Lawson’s Finest Liquids’ brewery, taproom and retail store in Waitsfield, Vermont, or find their sustainably brewed beers in the cooler section of your favorite packie. Lawson’s Finest is Cold Stored. Cold Shipped. Cold Shelved.™ to keep every beer brewery-fresh. 

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