Lakewood Releases Cold Front IPA in Cans​ & New Limited Mix Pack of Temptress Seduction Series

The annual migration of the grackle and the waving hand of Big Tex usher in Lakewood Brewing’s fall IPA, Cold Front.
A fan favorite, this is the third year Lakewood will release this seasonal beer, but this is the first year it will be in cans instead of bottles. “Fall in Texas is such a great time with football and fire pits. This is the perfect beer for a crisp 70-degree evening,” ​said Founder and President of Lakewood Brewing, Wim Bens. “We’re going more and more to canning our beers. They are easier to pack for the outdoor activities or just hanging on the porch.”

Cold Front features a big and dank aroma, courtesy of a hefty Simcoe dry hop addition with notes of pine, cannabis and citrus. The bitterness of Cold Front is well balanced by the malts on the back end. This year’s cans feature a new label and design as well.

“Each year, we’ve been blown away by how fast Cold Front flies off the shelves,” says Wim Bens, Founder and President of Lakewood Brewing. “Texans clearly love a Cold Front in any form.”

Cold Front IPA will be available at the Lakewood Brewing Drive-Thru and at select retailers in 6-packs and draft to-go starting mid-November.

​Also, Lakewood is bringing back two Temptress Seduction variants as well as a new release just in time for fall.

The boxed 6-pack will contain two cans (yes cans) of Sin Mint Temptress, Coconut Temptress and new Cherry Vanilla Temptress!

“We’ve always wondered what would happen if we put Temptress in a can,” Bens​ said​. “We’ve been toying with the idea of canning Temptress and we thought doing a variety pack with some fan favorite as well as a new Seduction variant would be a great way to experiment with packaging. I’m excited to bring back Coconut and Sin Mint for the die-hard fans as well as trying something new with Cherry Vanilla.”

Lakewood’s Seduction Series takes their best-selling Temptress Imperial Milk Stout and infuses it with different flavors.

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