From Korea, The Booth Looks For Growth in US Markets​

​The Booth Brewing first opened ​their Eureka​, California​ brewery ​in May of 2017 ​in order to produce and send beer to Korea for the Korean beer market, ​but now ​the Korean-began brewery ​is distributing beers in the US market as well.

​”When we were opening our first pub in Korea (in 2013), we just wanted to ‘follow our fun,’, said co-founder Heeyoon Kim. She, along with Daniel Tudor and Sunghoo Yang are the trio of co-founders. “Now, I wish to bring more happiness and spread the fun to people who encounter The Booth beers.​”

​S​he added that they ​are very excited and honored to have been receiving great responses for ​their beers in the US craft beer scene, ​calling it ‘​the most mature craft beer market in the world.​’​

​Kim also noted that The Booth is focused on going ‘back to basics.’

“I believe successful growth is being able to grow in a fast pace while staying true to the basics,” she said. “This is why I constantly think about how to make good, delicious beers; what we want to do; and share ideas with teammates.”

What Kim and The Booth team would like to achieve is to establish offices in multiple countries.

“We can continue to communicate, exchange ideas, and work together,” she said. “I believe we have lead and created a new realm for marketing of craft beer in Korea through our diverse collaborations and events that involve different industries and partners.”

The brewery has collaborated with local bands, celebrities, sports teams, and apparel companies, not only with other breweries. They are working on optimizing and refining production volume projections and logistics for the coming year as they have had time to understand the US market better.

“In 2019, we will continue our enthusiasm in trying new things and expanding new realms for craft beer marketing, which will undoubtedly help us drive growth,” Kim said. “This is very important to address as we are getting bigger in size and since we are in a ‘fresh fermented food’ industry.”

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